👋 I’m a software engineer with background in backend web development and software architecture.

✉️ Currently fighting for a better, privacy oriented internet at Proton (proton.me) – as a senior engineer working on anti-abuse systems.

🛒 Previously a senior developer and architect for Martinus (martinus.sk) – one of the largest e‑commerce companies in Slovakia.

📈 Strategic & analytical thinker who enjoys deep diving into difficult problems and designing lasting solutions. Interested in state of the art tech & applied research.

📚 I’m currently learning machine learning, deep learning & all things AI.

💬 Ask me about: TDD, RESTful design, software architecture, security & privacy, how to beat anti-abuse protections, challenges of building shopping carts, warehouse picker routing, timezone bugs, using float for money, correctly escaping output, HTML over the wire, tech debt, static vs. dynamic typing, tabs vs. spaces, …